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Molly McCrosson

Molly McCrosson is the artist for the month of July.

Molly McCrosson Artist Statement

I’ve painted my whole life. In 2016 I realized that the time to paint full-time had arrived. That first year was a visual-brainstorm. Now I find that I’m deconstructing and reconstructing: perspective, color theory, composition, space, line and the act of painting, exploring each part. Emotionally, I’m deconstructing identity: female, male and child, spectrums of self and other, stories that overlay one another making each part shimmer.

The further I go into my past, the closer I am to my future. Past and the future seem to be rewriting each other. Gratefully, it turns out, my artist’s life is an eternal feast! The more I eat, the hungrier I am!

Molly will be present on Friday July 13 from 6pm on 

Molly McCrosson


2018 The Muse, Lafayette CO solo show

2018 The Collective, Lafayette CO group show

2017 East Simpson Coffee, Lafayette CO group show

2017 La Cour Art Bar, Denver solo show

2017 City of Lafayette, City Hall solo show

2016 Lafayette Library, Solo Art Show (33 works)

2014-2016 Master Artist: Mold Maker, Lafayette, NOA Brands

2013 Monarch K-8: Art Teacher Louisville, CO.

2012 B.E.C.S. Mural, “School Days,” Bromley East Charter School, Brighton CO.

2010-2013 Bromley East Charter School: Brighton CO, Art Teacher

2010 B.E.C.S. Mural, “Soaring,” Bromley East Charter School, Brighton CO.

2008-2009 Studio One: Art Teacher, City of Oakland CA

2006-2008 Oakland CA. Owner/Operator: “Abundant Art Planet” Art Gallery

2005 Billy DeFrank Center, group show: “The Root Below” San Jose CA.

2002 City of Palo Alto: Community Art Teacher: Hand-built ceramics and drawing

2000-2001 Palo Alto School District: Elementary Art Teacher

1991University of Utah: Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

1985 University of Utah: Awarded Full Ride Four Year Scholarship

Prior to 2000

Palo Alto, CA: Saint Michael’s Alley, Solo Show, Santa Clara, CA: Mission City

Coffee, Solo Show, Santa Clara, CA: Billy DeFrank Center, Solo Show, University

of Utah: Awarded Best in Drawing Category, Group Show.

Molly McCrosson Art Opening
1643 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
La Cour Bistro and Art Bar, 1643 S Broadway,Co-80210
Starting on
July 6, 2018
Ending on
July 6, 2018
Molly McCrosson Art Opening 7-10