Celebrating Billy Wallace’s 89th Birthday

Billy Wallace is still embracing the thousands of songs from The Great American Songbook, but he is struggling. He is still charming, attentive, polite, laughs at the jokes that reach him, pours passion into his arrangements and backs singers with enough room to allow them to wiggle when a lyric and lick needs wiggling. But there are moments when he’ll start a tune and not know how to end it. There are moments when he plays one song and jumps to another. And yet, he is still performing at a dazzling level despite being 87 years of wonder. So, if you have the time and a list of requests to ask Billy to play, he will play them all as he has done week after week to audiences that are memorized by his performance. He dresses to kill, tie, suit, hat, and carries an elegance that can only be found in places like Montreal and New York. And he is here in Denver. How much longer will this go on? We hope forever, but now is the time to carpe diem, to come down and join in the celebration of this incredible man who has performed with Charlie Parker, Billy Holiday, Anita O’Day, Max Roach.









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