Apolkalypse Now

Live Music at La Cour

Apolkalypse Now makes its debut performance at La Cour Wednesday, July 19 at 7 pm entertaining with a delightful blend of Polka standards stirred up with pop, jazz, a little Bob Marley, Johnny Cash and Radiohead.

As Jim Morrison stated, “This is (err…could be) the End” …so join us for our first ever Polka party for some fun and general imbibing. You are bound to be found with a smile on your dial and your big toe standing up in your boot!

Apolkalypse Now includes performers:
Judy Porter-Bosco, Vocalist/Dancing/Electric bass Wilkey ”Rex” Spease, Clarinet/Saxes/Flutes/Singing Jeff Hooton, Accordion/Percussion/Singing

Judy Porter-Bosco has been involved in music and theatre for most of her life, performing on stages and at summer festivals across the country. She now explodes onto the Denver Polka Scene fronting Apolkalypse Now. Judy can also be seen singing and playing bass guitar in local all girl punk band Battle Pussy.

W. Rex Spease studied music at the United States Navy School of Music and the University of Kansas. He has been a member of the Denver Musician’s Union for over 30 years and has been playing professionally around Denver since 1980. Rex was pleased to avoid Vietnam combat by playing music aboard several different ships including destroyer tender USS Samuel Gompers.

Jeff Hooton migrated to Denver from New Zealand in 1993. He started playing the accordion aged 8 and persisted for 3 years before realizing that the accordion didn’t get girls. Jeff segued to guitar and string bass, returning to the squeezebox in 2001. He has now rediscovered that highest form of folk music: “The Polka.” He describes himself as a proud amateur and multi- tasking musician.

P.S. If you like what you hear and play the Tuba/Sousaphone (& other instruments) come talk with us afterwards. The Apolkalypse requires a fourth horseman…