Patti Hobfoll & Stu MacKaskie

Live Music at La Cour

Patti is a creator and performer who has been performing on stage and screen for over 17 years. Besides appearing in musicals, plays, and films as an actor, Patti has enjoyed singing jazz music everywhere from Alaska to Utah to Manitoba, Canada. Now, she is excited to bring her songs to La Cour here in Denver. Patti holds a BA in Musical Theatre from Weber State University in Ogden, UT, and an MA in Media Production from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Patti has grown up with a love of jazz music and jazz singers. Having a strong background Broadway, she noticed how many familiar Broadway tunes translated directly into the jazz standards of the day. Patti still enjoys reworking some of those old show tunes into new jazz arrangements, and every song is a fond memory.