Sunday Brunch with John Hayden

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John Hayden is a jazz pianist in the style of Bill Evans, using open voicings and melodic, single note improvisational lines. His playing has been described as “lyricism with an edge.”

“When I play, I try to tell a story,” John says. “Jazz is instant art. It’s about what you’re feeling at that particular moment in time. I never play the tune the same way twice.” He is attracted to standards because the melodies are timeless and lend themselves to improvisation and interpretation.

John started piano lessons at the age of four from his father, a professional accordion player in Chicago and Atlantic City. In Denver, he studied with Ted Alexander and later with his son Bill. He has played solo piano in many hotels around the world as well as numerous jazz club venues with duo and trio accompaniment. He currently plays at the Inverness Hotel as well as various restaurants and jazz clubs in the Denver area. He believes, “Jazz is what you are–a presentation of your life, what you’re made up of–the good as well as the bad. It all comes out in the music.”

John Hayden