Cocktails - Beers - Wines - Brunch - Happy Hour

Floral-peach Gin. House made Limoncello. Champagne. Bee Pollen.

$11Mellow Mood
Bourbon lightly infused with hops & lemon balm. House made Bitter Liqueur with lavender
& citrus. Dubonnet Rouge. Rose water.

$18Absinthe Monet
Larressingle Armagnac VSOP. Leopold Bros Absinthe Verte. House made Springtime Amaro.
Flamed lemon. Sunflower.

$12Herb N’ Life
Bay leaf-Thyme Vodka. Lime. Fresh pressed cucumber-bell juice. Celery shrub. Agave. Soda.

$11Bardstown Smash
Rye whiskey. Lemon. Pama Liqueur. Basil syrup. Hibiscus-Fig bitters. Expressed basil.

$14Mas Le Roux
Fortaleza Tequila reposado. Vanilla-hibiscus grenadine. Cynar. Lime. Hibiscus iceball.

$12Pisco La Poire
Peruvian Pisco. Fresh citrus blend. Liqueur La Poire. Grapefruit bitters. Fresh egg white.

Cruzan Aged Rum. Lime. Pineapple Fassionola. Lime boat with Green Chartreuse
& Don Q 151. Activated charcoal & fresh ground black pepper fire dance.

$12Eau De Vie
Bear Creek Rye Vodka. House made Elderflower-Aloe liqueur. Cucumber.

$14Parfait Old Fashioned
Laws Bourbon. House made Parfait Amour(citrus-vanilla-almond-floral).

$11The French “75”
St George Gin - Lemon Juice - Sparkling Rosé - Sugar - Orange Bitters - Orange Peel - Up

$11The French Blonde
G-Vine Gin - Lillet Blanc - Lemon - St. Germain - Sugar - Lemon Bitters - Up

$11The Connoisseur Old Fashioned
Woodford Reserve - Raw Sugar Cube - Angostura - Orange - Old Fashioned Bitters - Iceberg

$11Ane Chaud
jalapeño infused vodka, lime, agave, ginger beer, mint

$11The Denver Mule
Breckenridge Bourbon - St Germain - Muddled Lemon - Lemon Bitters - Ginger Beer

$11The Sazerac
Breaking strict European drinking rules by mixing beverages: The Sazerac presents itself as America’s first cocktail
rye, cognac, cane, bitters, absinthe rinse, flamed lemon

$11Barrel Finished French Manhattan
Four Roses bourbon. Grand Marnier. Chambord. house-made sweet vermouth. bitters