Paleolithic Jazz Quartet

Live Music at La Cour

When we are open there’s Jazz! Tonight June 27th  7-10pm, La Cour, French Restaurant & Jazz Club, presents Paleolithic Jazz Quartet.

Why are we the “Paleolithic Jazz Quartet”? Well, we like the musical sound of the words, and the existential beauty of the “Cave Art”. We enjoy the play on words relating the “PJQ” to one of our musical idols the “Modern Jazz Quartet” ( “MJQ”). Perhaps most of all we are paying homage, and showing our reverence for the timelessness of Jazz, and our joy in being part of that Community.

The Paleolithic Jazz Quartet is Howard Slavin, guitar, Dave Thomas, trumpet, Bob Songster on bass, and Mark Mullaney, drums. This is a new combination for our musical collective, but over the years we have each played together in many other settings from small groups to big bands.

Our musical backgrounds are diverse, ranging from the 1960’s Rock & Roll East Coast college circuit, to “Swing” dance bands, but we are each deeply rooted in the Denver jazz scene. The range of our sets will include standards from the “Great American Song Book” to tunes we’ve found that may not appear on the “usual” song list, as well as some originals.

We hope you will sense and share with us our reverence and joy for the music, and most of all the beautyand fun of live music from people who love what they do.

We believe Live Jazz should be as accessible as possible. As always there is no cover charge. 

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Paleolithic Jazz Quartet
1643 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
La Cour Bistro and Art Bar, 1643 S Broadway,Co-80210
Starting on
June 27, 2018
Ending on
June 27, 2018
Paleolithic Jazz Quartet live 7-10pm