Artist Pamela Compton

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For the month of May La Cour, French Restaurant & Jazz Club, presents Artist Pamela Compton!


Pamela Compton has always enjoyed a creative life. Her one-of-a-kind batik wear, an art she learned while traveling through Indonesia, was shown in San Francisco. On Hawaii’s Big Island, she built her own home and gardens. Pamela then opened The Grateful Bread bakery in Bisbee, Arizona. A few years later, she moved to New York and sold hand painted T-shirts and ties at the MET. While enjoying these creative outlets, it wasn’t until she visited a friend in Italy, that she fell in love with the artistic expression of painting. Upon her return, she elected to spend time in New Orleans.


Inspired by the city’s bold palettes and music, Pamela’s paintings convey the deep heritage, history, and beauty of life, while eliciting genuine emotional reflection. Influenced by years of working with people with developmental disabilities and observing the joyful uninhibited way in which they experienced life, she sought to express herself with a similar freedom and enthusiasm while painting. She paints what she feels, not what she sees, resulting in big, bold artwork filled with passion, often flowing off the canvas. It’s a whole body approach.


Pamela’s art could best be described as Expressionistic Realism. It is important for her to represent the subject matter truthfully. While doing so she presents the world from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically resulting in an emotional effect that evokes moods or ideas. She seeks to express the meaning of emotional experience rather than physical reality.


A percentage of the proceeds will benefit Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association.

Grand Opening Artist Pamela Compton
1643 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
La Cour Bistro and Art Bar, 1643 S Broadway,Co-80210
Starting on
May 4, 2018
Ending on
May 4, 2018
Artist Pamela Compton Grand Opening 6-10pm