Artist Nijole Rasmussen Grand Opening Music Terri Jo Jenkins

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When we are open there’s Jazz! Tonight March 2nd 7-10pm, La Cour, French Restaurant & Jazz Club, presents Terri Jo Jenkins playing for the grand opening of artist Nijole Rasmussen. Nijole’s show is titled “My silence was recorded”.

Terri Jo Jenkins vocals, Jeff Jenkins  piano and Mark Simon bass   The evening’s theme is “Waters of March”, as in the famous Brazilian jazz song of the same title.   “…..It’s the waters of March, it’s the promise of spring, it’s the joy in your heart….”  The trio will celebrate the promise of spring with a mix of jazz standards, Brazilian tunes & bluesy jazz renditions.

Nijolė Rasmussen

was born in Lithuania. Since 1992 she has lived in Denver, CO. The journey through life has taken her to photography, and eventually to painting, which has been her passion for the last 6 years. With some guidance from professional artists, she is mainly self-taught and derives her inspiration from nature, travels, and love of art. She loves to read and does so in several languages, and also writes poetry. Nijolė has had many solo exhibitions in Denver, one solo exhibition in Chicago. Her art also is represented by art gallery in Lisbon, Portugal.


“To paint for me is to access the deepest, remotest and most private corners of my imagination, where I can be free to welcome many opportunities for happy accidents to appear. With this language of shapes and colors, my desire is to communicate to the viewer my thoughts, emotions, that unique perception of the reality that later he can himself create his own world and live there protected by this illuminate power of art. Art is a harmony of nature, soul and spirit. It gives me power to express myself without much involvement of the rational mind. This harmony that my eyes can welcome and my soul can respond, is the result of my art. When I paint, it seems that my soul takes better shape, that longing for life and beauty and empowers creative process, which was already there long time ago…I paint with my soul and then discover that Life itself has already painted there a long time ago, that my soul and Life are one….”


Nijole Rasmussen

Nijole Rasmussen painting Nijole Rasmussen painting 1 Nijole Rasmussen painting 1


Reflections Without A Mirror

“If painting has led me to the remote corners of my heart, poetry has found an even deeper path. I just felt the words wanting to be grouped at random, or not. The words dancing on the sheet of paper, like a brushstroke leaving its permanent mark. I have become witness to each poem that has resided deep in my soul. My patient waiting for it to appear and embrace its uniqueness, has brought forth a  completely different grasp and understanding of my life. Crafted by  its gentle manner of expression and restless tension between desire and imagination, poetry has become my constant companion. When I am a poet, I am a poem.  It has taught me to be more self-aware, to be able to admire ordinary things around me with love and gratitude. As each poem emerges, I reflect my likeness to the world I love.”

Artist Nijole Rasmussen Grand Opening Music Terri Jo Jenkins
1643 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210
La Cour Bistro and Art Bar, 1643 S Broadway,Denver,-80210
Starting on
March 2, 2018
Ending on
March 2, 2018
Artist Nijole Rasmussen Grand Opening Music Terri Jo Jenkins 6-10pm