HOLIDAY COCKTAILS! Hosted by Barman Mattie C.


Looking for one of the best things to do in Denver on Sunday?  Learn more about Craft Cocktails!  Learn from a true mixologist!

Craft Cocktail Clinics          

          Hosted by Barman Mattie C.              

              ⬪Every First Sunday.                  

⬪We will be covering bartending basics,  proper techniques, cocktail recipes, concepts, history, and how-to on homemade mixers such as craft syrups, shrubs, liqueurs, bitters, tinctures, infusions, barrel aging and more!

⬪Inquire about future Clinics to reserve the perfect class for you, family & friends.

(phone 303 777 5000 or

⬪Space is limited so reserve your seat now!            

⬪ Only $35 per person.                     

⬪Includes seminar, training, a take home project and of course..taster cocktails!

This Month

12/03 Holiday Cocktails

Toddys, Nogs, Holiday Punches and more!  Learn how to make great Holiday Cocktails that will enhance any holiday party!  Take home treats as always!

Craft Cocktail Clinics