Inspire Duo: Christen Stephens & Craig Woodward

When we are open there’s Jazz! Tonight September 19th 7-10pm, La Cour, French Bistro & Jazz Club, presents Inspire Duo.

Experience free improvisation like never heard before with Inspire Duo. Inspire Duo features the music of Christen Stephens on the flute and Craig Woodward on the piano. The duo creates purely improvisational music inspired by people, art and life.

Though Inspire Duo’s musical performances are most aptly referred to as free improvisation, their musical style is incredibly cohesive and tonally pleasant. Often, performances may sound planned or composed, but actually each song is spontaneously created in the moment.

Christen and Craig’s influences come from their classical training coupled with their love for jazz and modern music. The pair creates a unique blend of these styles and adds their own flair to make beautiful and wildly creative music. Each performance is uniquely crafted in response to the environment and to audience responses.

Come and inspire us. Listen and be inspired.

We believe Live Jazz should be as accessible as possible. As always there is no cover charge.

Live Music at La Cour