Alex Heffron & Jeff Jenkins

Alex Heffron is a young guitarist working on becoming fluent in the language of Jazz. He started from a young age working with many great jazz educators. Currently a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, he is working on developing his skills as a Jazz and Classical guitar player. This project will be presenting many of his original compositions as well as songs that have inspired him during the years he has had to hone his craft.

“Welcome to Jeff Jenkins Music!  This site has been created out of a need and a desire to share this work with you. Music and art cannot exist in a vacuum, a practice room, or a dark studio. It must connect. Without you, without an audience, we are incomplete. The process needs us to realize this cycle of creation, performance, reception, and feedback. It is this interaction which forms the archetecture of the moment, the foundation of being, the pillars of meaning. Thank you for being here, and for becoming the keystone of this creative archway….”  So do come out July 16th to La Cour. Connect! Interact!



Affordable Dinner & Jazz!! Every Tuesday & Sunday 3 course dinner for two $39! Add a bottle of $25 French wine for $9.

Live Music at La Cour